What does TinyPocketPeople make?
How do I order?
What does it cost?
Why does the smaller doll cost more than the larger one?
Do I need a PayPal account to make a TinyPocketPeople purchase?
What are the doll sizes?
What are your dolls made of?
Can I Wash my TinyPocketPeople doll?
Are TinyPocketPeople dolls suitable for children ?

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What should I know before I upload my photograph?
There are lots of different kinds of computer image - which should I use?
How large can my picture file be?
How long does it take to upload my pictures to TinyPocketPeople?
When I try to upload a picture, I get a "Page not found" or "Server not found" error. What's wrong?
Why am I'm having trouble uploading?
Is there anything I should know when I'm scanning a photograph?

Return Policy

What is your return policy?


what does tinypocketpeople make?
We create unique, personalized dolls from a digital photograph: from a digital photograph that you upload, we digitally cutout and retouch the picture, then transfer it to fabric using digital technology and finally assemble the doll. Return to top how do i order?
Creating your unique, personalized TinyPocketPeople in 9 easy steps:

Step1. Pick a doll size: Large or Small.
Step2. Pick a shirt.
Step3. Pick pants.
Step4. Pick a belt color. (Optional)
Step5. Pick a belt buckle. (Optional)
Step6. Pick shoe color.
Step7. Pick skin color.
Step8. Pick a "back of head" picture provided or upload your own.
Step9. Upload a picture of your face.
Done!     Click here to make your very own TinyPocketPeople! Return to top what does it cost?
Large TinyPocketPeople dolls $48.00
Small TinyPocketPeople dolls $78.00 Return to top why does the smaller doll cost more than the larger one?
The small TinyPocketPeople dolls are more time consuming and harder to make than the larger dolls. TinyPocketPeople dolls are not mass produced. They are individually hand crafted - each doll is wonderfully unique! Return to top do i need a paypal account to make a tinypocketpeople purchase?
No. We use PayPal for credit card processing of store purchases. If you have a PayPal account, you can use it to make purchases. If you do not have a PayPal account, just use your credit card to complete the purchase, as you would for any other eCommerce purchase. You are not required to create a PayPal account if you do not wish to do so. Return to top what are the doll sizes?
TinyPocketPeople dolls are small enough to fit in your pocket!

We currently have 2 sizes: Large and small.
Large TinyPocketPeople dolls are approximately 21 cm (8 inches) long. Small TinyPocketPeople dolls are approximately 14 cm (5 inches) long. Return to top what are your dolls made of?
TinyPocketPeople dolls are made of:
Doll: 100% cotton.
Stuffing: 100% pure, high quality polyester.
Large dolls weigh approximatly 100 grams.
Small dolls weigh approximatly 30 grams. Return to top can i wash my tinypocketpeople doll?
TinyPocketPeople dolls can be hand washed in cold water. Use mild detergent. Please do not machine wash your doll. Return to top are tinypocketpeople dolls suitable for children?
TinyPocketPeople dolls are not toys. We don't recommend giving a TinyPocketPeople doll to children under the age of 5. Recommended ages are from 5 to 99+ years of age. Return to top

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why am I getting this error:

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If you are having problems entering, viewing or using this site, these problems are caused by cookie settings on your computer. Your browser is not currently set to accept cookies. Cookies are required in order to use this site.

We use session cookies to only keep track of your dolls customization progress and choices. Session cookies are small TEMPORARY files stored on your computer while you browse a website. Session cookies are deleted from your computer when you logout and leave this website.

Click here to learn how to enable cookies in your browser. Return to top


what should i know before i upload my photograph?
We recommend image size of 640x480 pixels or higher. Minimum height 200 pixels. Minimum width 200 pixels, but the bigger the better for us to work with:

Minimum Size

Images need to be clear, well lit, in focus and at eye level.

Full body pictures are ok, as long as the picture was taken at eye level. we'll crop the picture and digitally extract the head. Pictures taken from the back should also be taken at eye level.

For best results, color photographs are preferred, although black and white will also work.
The quality of your doll (face) is directly proportional to your picture quality.

If you upload a photograph where there are several people, then on Paypal's checkout you will be given the opportunity to leave us a note. Here you can clarify which person in the photograph you want us to make a doll of. Return to top there are lots of different kinds of computer image - which should i use?

The software which comes with your scanner will typically give you a large choice of image format distinguished by the different file extensions (e.g. tiff, bmp, jpg, etc.).

It is important that you choose the correct one or you will not be able to upload your image onto TinyPocketPeople.

TinyPocketPeople currently only accepts images in the following formats:

JPEG (.jpg), JPG (.jpg), PNG (.png) and GIF (.gif)

We recommend that you use JPEG images as they provide the best trade-off between image size and quality, but you are free to use PNG and GIF images also.

When you capture your image, make sure that you have saved it as a JPEG file (as in, 'test.jpg'). Return to top how large can my picture file be?
Your image file must not exceed 10MB, which is more than what you need for a JPG or a GIF images. Return to top how long does it take to upload my pictures to tinypocketpeople?
Upload time is dependent on the speed of your Internet connection, but a good rule of thumb for a 56k modem connection is 4 to 6 minutes for a typical 400k image file.

Remember that such transfers are asymmetrical - meaning that you can download from the Internet faster than you can upload to it, so please be patient.

Here are some estimated upload times for other connection speeds:
    # 56k: 4-6 minutes
    # ISDN/DSL/Cable: about one minute
    # T1: 20 seconds Return to top when i try to upload a picture, I get a "page not found" or "server not found" error. What's wrong?
This probably means that your picture is taking too long to upload. Your file is bigger than the maximum allowed size of 10MB. You should make your file smaller. Return to top why am i'm having trouble uploading?
Be sure you are uploading an allowable file format: .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG or .GIF file that the file is 10MB or less in size.

Be sure the file has the correct extension at the end of the file name.

Be sure there are not any weird characters in the file name like *, @ or ?. Return to top is there anything i should know when i'm scanning a photograph?
If you are using a scanner, your resolution, for a standard size photo, should be at least 200 dpi. Minimum image size: 200 pixels x 200 pixels. The bigger the image size, the better for us to work with. We recommend image size of 640x480 pixels or higher. Return to top

Return Policy:

what is your return policy?
Because of the nature of our products, personalized items, ordered dolls cannot be returned to us or refunded. All sales are final.

We are more than confident that you will love your super cute TinyPocketPeopel doll :O) Return to top