Long Distance Relationships ( LDR )
- gift ideas

To succeed in a Long Distance Relationship ( LDR ) requires building a strong foundation of trust and understanding. Staying positive is essential to keeping long distance relationships blooming.

Long distance relationship can survive the obstacles it will frequently be challenged with such as being unable to spend time together - physically.


Communicating creatively will helps greatly in closing the gap in your long distance relationship. You can do this by sending love letters, poems, love songs, sending love quotes and gifts. Reminding your partner of how much you think about and love him or her.

There are lots of long distance relationship ideas and tips for being creative. But the most creative way to say ”I love you” is giving a miniture doll of you. TinyPocketPeople dolls make a perfect gift for Long Distance Relationships.

Personalized gifts are also perfect for when you just want to say - "I love you ♥".

You can give personalized gifts they'll remember forever! By choosing personalized gifts over more common gift ideas, you are telling someone that you care enough to find the perfect presents. Your personalized gifts will be treasured for years to come.


Remember, it is not just unusual gifts or personalized gifts that help you stay in the mind of people you love but it is the feeling behind those objects that makes them top holiday gifts to be cherished forever. TinyPocketPeople specializes in creating personalized gifts for him or her that fill the heart with love and appreciation.

Personalize your very own TinyPocketPeople doll. Let him or her know how much you love them. Give them to that special someone and one for yourself. You can even use your TinyPocketPeople as a key chain, so you can always have your loved one near you.

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